Everything You Need to Know About Steel Tongue Drum Music

Do you love the sound of steel tongue drum music?

If so, you'll love steel tongue drum music! This unique type of percussion is quickly gaining popularity among musicians and music lovers alike. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about steel tongue drums. We'll cover topics such as history, construction, playing techniques, and more! So whether you're a seasoned musician or just a beginner, read on for all the information you need to get started with steel tongue drumming!

Tongue drums are brand new to the musical world, having only been invented in the late 1990s by a musician named Craig Wiggins. He discovered that steel tongues could be cut and tuned to create beautiful sounds similar to those of steel drums, but with a more mellow tone.

These drums are often handcrafted from steel or metal and have several "tongues" or steel slits cut into them that produce different notes when struck with mallets or hand percussion. Each drum will usually have 6-8 tongues, creating a range of notes that can be played together for beautiful melodies.

One unique aspect of steel tongue drums is their ability to easily switch between different scales and tunings. This allows musicians to experiment with different sounds and play along with a variety of musical styles.

When it comes to playing steel tongue drums, there are a few different techniques to consider. These include hand percussion, mallet striking, and even using the drum as a tone box by gently placing objects such as stones or shells on top of the tongues for unique sounds.

Overall, steel tongue drums are a versatile and beautiful addition to any musician's arsenal. Whether you're looking for soothing ambient music or upbeat rhythms, these drums have got you covered! So grab your steel tongue drum and start creating some beautiful music today.

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